Concierge Service

Heli Cars Partners is a company specializing in business travel and tourism. Our aim is to guarantee tailor-made organization for each customer, so that they can concentrate on the essentials and enjoy top-of-the-range services. From car concierge services to booking activities during your stay, Heli Cars Partners offers a complete and personalized service with Home Cars Prestige.

We also distinguish ourselves by our extensive knowledge of the regions in which we operate, enabling us to offer logistical assistance to enhance your tourist stay or facilitate the smooth running of your business trip. Whether you need to book a restaurant, a hotel, tickets for shows or festivals, Heli Cars Partners and Home Cars Prestige do everything in their power to satisfy their customers' needs.

Thanks to our comprehensive offer and our professionalism, our complementary service allows you to enjoy every moment of your stay, taking the worry out of logistics.